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Dental Implants In Whitby

dental implants in whitby-Whitby Smile Centre your local emergency dental office specialist in both family and cosmetic dentistry.

A dental implant is a treatment option that is used to replace a missing tooth, or in some instances, multiple missing teeth. During this treatment, a titanium device similar to a metal screw will be surgically implanted into the bone in the area of the missing tooth. After the initial surgery, the patient will need a 4-6 month waiting period for a process knowns as osseo-integration. Osseo-integration is where the bone and implant begin to bond, which will help stabilize the dental implant and upcoming fixture.

If this integration is completed successfully, your following visit will entail getting sized for whatever dental fixture you have upcoming, such as a dental crown. After this, a lab will produce the crown typically within 7-10 business days. This length of time is determined by the lab and may be different in individual circumstances.

Depending on the case, a patient may be able to have different types of dental fixtures attached to the dental implant. For example, a dental crown may be screwed on or cemented on. Just like with any surgery, there is plenty to keep in mind for the procedure in order to ensure you know what is entailed. As such, not every patient is a candidate for dental implants. Our dentist in Whitby, Ontario has to consider the entire case before moving forward with the treatment. This includes reviewing the patient’s health and dental history, study models, medication list, x-rays, bone scans, and other possible procedures.

If you are considering dental implants to assist you, contact Whitby Smile Centre today or request an appointment online. Our clinic is open on Saturdays and is located on Brock St. North, just south of Rossland and we are now accepting new patients in Whitby, Oshawa.

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