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Surgical Gum Graft in Whitby

Surgical gum grafting is required when the margin of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth wears away and pulls back revealing more of the tooth’s root. Gum grafting is a type of dental surgery used to correct the effects of receding gums. It is a simple and relatively quick surgery that involves removing a sample of healthy gum tissue from the roof of the mouth and planting it in the areas that have receded, in order to help build back up the gum. Since, gum recession happens slowly, most people do not know that they have it and it often goes unnoticed. If untreated it could lead to tooth loss. Gum grafting can also be done for cosmetic reasons, such as for a better-looking smile.

The team at Whitby Smile Centre can help you find the right solution and option if you are suffering from receding gums. Give us a call at our dental office in Whitby for any questions or concerns regarding surgical gum grafting.

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